Microsoft Smart Watch

Posted by admin on October 21, 2014.

Conservation International have just launched a new campaign which aims to flip the way we look at the environment on its head. 'Nature is Speaking' features a series of videos with a star-studded cast that would rival any Hollywood blockbuster; Roberts, Ford, Spacey, Norton, Redford and Cruz to name a few. Each star provides the 'voice of nature' as they talk directly to the viewer about different issues. The tone is strong, unwavering and sometimes aggressive. The punch line is 'Nature doesn't need people. People need nature'. It's a bold stance and in almost every respect, true. It marks a complete shift in communications for Conservation International. Their new ‘Humanifesto’ positions the conservation movement in the self-interest of us humans. It’s a movement away from altruistic calls for support.

Microsoft filed for a patent in 2012, which means the company has been working on a smartwatch for at least the last couple of years. Many prominent technology developers, such as Sony and LG, have launched or are working on wearable devices. One of the biggest opponents to Microsoft's new smartwatch will be the Apple Watch, which is slated for release sometime early in 2015. (Apple CEO Tim Cook has hinted that the device will need a daily charge.)

Microsoft set forth an early example of wearable technology about a decade ago when it collaborated with Fossil on Spot, which stood for Smart Personal Objects Technology. You could connect the watch to your computer using a cable, and in turn, it could receive updates on stocks or the weather. Spot failed to catch on, though, and was discontinued in 2008. A Microsoft spokesman told Mashable in an email that the "company has nothing to share" about its smartwatch plans.