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Baaamboos Shirts

With an experience of over 5 decades in the textile industry 'Baaamboos' was founded in the year 1988. Before 1998 we had weaving, dyeing and printing house and also used to manufacturer Dress materials and Indian Sarees. Since 1999 we moved to a very modern manufacturing facility where we have a high-performance electronic rapier weaving machines with electronic Jacquard brought from Italy and Belgium. Baaamboos later started manufacturing blended upholstery fabrics which gave furnishing a complete new look and also began our operations in the domestic market. In 2003 the manufacturing plant was expanded due to the rising demand for furnishing fabrics.

Later in 2005 new installation of Dobby weaving machines were brought into the manufacturing plant. Baaamboos started its operations in the international market in the year 2010. Baaamboos now specializes in manufacturing exclusive high-end Jacquard and Dobby plain and continues to satisfy the needs and specific requirements of our clients.

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